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Electro Homeopathy Medicine For Veterinary
Produced from the extracts of different plants, this array of Animal Feed Supplements is effective in treating a number of health conditions in farm animals. All these medications have been formulated under the supervision of seasoned personnel by using quality approved ingredients to get the desired result.
Ayurvedic Detox Capsules
Ayurvedic Detox Capsules are effective in removing toxin from blood and also in alleviating a number of health conditions associated with bloating, constipation and discomfort. Suitable for men and women, these capsules are offered in PP air tight container. Each container contains 30 capsules.
Vitamin Capsules
Ayurvedic Vitamin Capsules are recommended for those who are suffering from vitamin deficiency. These medications are effective in boosting physical energy and also in relieving stress. As suitable toxin removing factors, these capsules are also instrumental in detoxifying body, in minimizing blood pressure and also in maintaining healthy condition of skin.
Immunity Booster Capsules
Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Capsules are effective in improving mental alertness and also in promoting healthy condition of nervous system. Powerful composition of these capsules improves disease resistance capacity in men and women. These medicines are also effective in curing respiratory complications and also in improving digestive function.
Thyroid Health Capsules
Ayurvedic Thyroid Health Capsules are well known for their fast mode of action and side effects free composition. These medications are effective in flushing out toxin from lymph, in producing mood regulating hormones and also in treating complications in thyroid gland.
Herbal Leucorrhoea Capsules
UK GNAR-12 Herbal Leucorrhoea Capsules are effective in treating weakness in women associated with white discharge. These medications are also effective in treating leucorrhoea. Natural vitamins present in these capsules boost physical energy in women to avoid feeling lethargic.
Breath Drops
Breath Drops For Asthma - Bronchitis and Allergies are reliable remedies to cure breathing complications faced by asthmatic patients. These medicines tend to work gradually to cure ailments. Long efficacy rate and ease of administering are some of the key aspects of these drops.
Ear Drops
ESR Level Ear Drops are effective in treating inflammatory condition associated with autoimmune diseases. These medications prevent proliferation of bacteria to provide short term relief from ear pain by removing earwax. These drops are also effective in treating swelling condition inside ears.
Immunity Drop
Child Increase Immunity Drops are effective in boosting immunity and in developing disease prevention capacity in children. Natural composition of these drops enables body of your child to act against various infections without affecting other functions of body. These drops are easy to administer.
Kidney Infection Drops
Kidney Infection Drops are effective in treating renal dysfunction in patients who have high urea and creatinine production level. Balanced content, side effects free composition and ability to treat chronic kidney failure are the key aspects of this range of medications.
Thrombocytopenia Platelets Drop
Abbatis-50 10ml Increase Thrombocytopenia Platelets Drops are recommended for patients of low platelet count. Free from side effects, thee drops are well known for their long lasting result, quick mode of action and standard packaging. These medications are offered at competitive price for our valued clients.
Oxygenated Liquid Supplement
UK-ASS Oxygenated Liquid Supplements are used for flushing out toxin from body. These supplements are recommended for patients suffering from lung ailments, cystic fibrosis and metabolic dysfunction. Composition of these supplements boosts energy and enhances cellular structure of body.
Lungs Care Drops
Our Lungs Care Drops are a natural and effective way to support respiratory health. Made with high-quality ingredients, these drops help soothe inflammation and promote healthy lung function. Trust us for safe and reliable lung care solutions.

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